Villicote® promotes a healthy intestinal lining

The big advantage of Villicote® is its active ingredient – N-acetylglucosamine. This element bypasses many of the enzymatic steps required to produce the saccharide side chains of mucin. This means that the intestinal mucosal cell is able to make more mucin with less energy. It also augments tissue repair by providing the building blocks for mucin synthesis.

How Villicote® is supplied

Each box contains 60 foil pouches, and each pouch contains 2 grams of N-acetylglucosamine.

Typical Dose

Up to three pouches per day.


Introductory Offer*

One box (60 pouches) for only $30Two boxes for only $45FREE OFFER of six pouches (each 2 grams)

*This one-time introductory offer is intended for NDs who have not previously purchased Villicote®. Quantities are limited, and this special introductory offer may be withdrawn at any time.